What are Gear Couplings and its Types?

Gear Couplings and Types


A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts at their ends together for the purpose of transmitting power. Couplings do not normally disconnect or allow coupling to disconnect from the shafts during operation, there are few torque limiting couplings which slip or disconnect when some torque limit is exceeded or might create a problem.

The main and primary purpose of couplings is to join two rotating pieces while allowing some degree of misalignment or movement at one or both ends.

Carefully selecting the coupling based on the needs with proper installation can be made in much lower maintenance costs and downtime.

Coupling falls into two main categories, namely Mechanical and Material Flexing. The material flexible types obtain their flexibility from compressing and stretching material which is resilient, rubber or from the flexing of thin metallic discs or grid.

Material flexing couplings do not require lubrication as such. There are few exceptions of grid couplings. All the metal mechanical flexing couplings require lubrication.

A coupling is a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent parts or objects.

Gear Coupling:

Couplings are used as connecting elements between any two shafts. The type of complexity in connectivity, the power to be transmitted and the area of application play a major role in the selection of the type of coupling.

Gear couplings basically belong to the category of flexible couplings which are capable of transmitting very high torques. Gear engineering plays a major role and utilizes the advantages of gear coupling. In Practical application, the coupling is a complete gear assembly.

Construction aspect of the coupling

The gear couplings consist of a forged sleeve with teeth cut on its inside. The produced sleeves are regularly two parts having inward gears in both of them.

In specific cases, the produced sleeve will, in general, remain a solitary piece.

Two centre points with outer teeth containing an indistinguishable number of teeth from in the inner apparatus are available with everyone being mounted on the determined and driver shaft separately.

The tooth profile of the outside teeth is regularly delegated so as to take up more loads.

Lubrication attachments are given at vantage points in order to oil up the couplings in the midst of destined intervals of time.

There are mainly three types of external teeth which are used in gear couplings where the only difference is in manufacturing methodology.

Crowning with variable radius

The external teeth are barrel-shaped with a differential radius instead of a very constant radius. This increases the area of the contact significantly when compared to the constant radius crowning.

Crowning with a constant radius

The external teeth are barrel-shaped with a fixed radius in order to increase the area of contact and move it near the middle portion of the teeth.

Straight Teeth

The external teeth in the hub are straight. If any kind of misalignment occurs in the coupling the contact pattern between the external and internal gear tend to be in a line of contact.

Selection for gear coupling:

The rigging couplings are chosen dependent on the torque evaluations.

The torque transmitted by the coupling is to be determined.

In view of the application, the fitting service factor should be resolved. A reference outline on the service factors has appeared as follows.

The equal torque is to be controlled by increasing the service factor with the torque transmitted.

Select the coupling dependent on the identical torque esteem determined.

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