nstallation Manual





a. After removing the coupling from packing, thoroughly inspect to ensure that they are as ordered & there is no transit damage or loss.
b. Remove protective coating/lubricant from bores & keyways. Remove all the bolts & nuts and dismantle the   assembly.(In RRS, SWQ, HR, SWS)
c. Follow instruction,if couplings are pilot bored. (Fig. 1)


Mount hubs/adapters (*) on their respective shafts with keys such that the shaft ends are flush with inner face of the adapter & tighten the set screw over the keys. Bring both the coupling hubs/adapters (along with equipments) closer so as to maintain gap `G' as shown in fig. 2a.

L type couplings : Insert the spider in one of the hubs. In case of Non-spacer couplings the distance between shat end (DBSE) is equal to the total length of the coupling less length through bore of both the hubs. In case of spacer type of couplings, the spacer length is normally equal to the distance between shaft ends of the equipments. Refer fig.2b. Dimension ‘G’ is shown in table ‘C2’.

       * HUB - Coupling half with jaws.
* ADAPTER - Coupling half without jaws.