nstallation Manual



For normal applications the shaft ends should be flush with inner face of hub/adapter, they can protrude beyond the inner face of hub/adapter or remain inside if reqd. but sufficient gap should be allowed to take care of end float of both shafts (i.e. axial misalignment).
Ensure that the effective length of key is sufficient to transmit the rated torque of the coupling.

H & HR couplings: Insert the inner ring before bringing the equipments for to their final mounting positions. In case of couplings with outer ring (i.e. SW, SWS, RRS,SWQ, H & HR) mount the outer ring on one of the adapters and slide it towards the nearest equipment.


Alignment procedure is given separately for each type of alignment for simplicity. However combination of all 3 types of misalignments may be present at the same time.